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Inspiring you to sound communication!

Sound Communication

Effective communication is vital to building relationships that complement our growth and personal experiences.


Our workshops combine the relaxing and grounding energies of music with the opportunity to clear childhood issues, identify blocked emotions, change unhelpful beliefs and learn new ways of being and behaving that will not only enhance your relationships but bring peace and tranquility to your life.


We learn to communicate by listening to those around us.  We pick up the subtle do’s and don't's in the very early stages of our development.  We move through life with rules and regulations about how we should relate to each other, underpinning everything we do.  Sometimes this is helpful - very often it is not!


We can assist you to take a conscious look at which of these boundaries and beliefs are working for you and which ones you would prefer to exchange for something that will be more in keeping with what you desire.


Life is a balancing act - it all depends on what foundations you’re building on.