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Inspiring you to sound communication!

Tribal Sounds

African drumming is an ancient form of communication.


It provides an opportunity to connect with others whilst developing focus, balance and self control.  It also enhances co-ordination by stimulating both sides of the brain, sharpens listening skills and provides an environment in which to practice the art of staying true to oneself and not be influenced by distractions.


The gentle physical exercise of drumming, combined with breath awareness, helps to disengage mind chatter and promote relaxation.


Unlike complicated western style music, African rhythms can be simple and easy to learn, allowing participants to experience a sense of achievement quickly and exploding the myth that ‘only some people have rhythm’.


We offer one-off workshops and courses for adults and children.



Drum Making

All drums are made with authentic, hand-carved West African shells.


This hands-on experience gives you the unique opportunity to connect with your instrument from the very beginning.


By working through all the stages of this tribal process you receive a drum whose history you have connected with and whose future you are a part of.


By working with your hands to create this instrument, you give it your energy, your heart and your soul.  It, in return, will give you rhythm, dance and an overall spiritual connection to tribal ancestry and your inner-most being.


Drums can be made, one-on-one with Graeme, or alternatively, in groups of two or three.  A great bonding activity to do with someone you care about, e.g. parent & child, friends, couples.


Call us to arrange a time that suits you.


If drum making’s not your thing or you just don’t have the time, let us make it for you.


An African story tells us that we give thanks to the Spirit of the tree for the timber.  The carver hollows the timber and it remains a hollow log.  The drum-maker puts a head (skin) on the drum and gives it life.  When the owner plays the drum they give it their energy and the drum gives back rhythm.


All our drum shells are hand-carved in West Africa.  This means that like us, they are all different - each with their own individual charm.


Stocks vary according to availability.  Contact us to discuss current options.


Mini Marimbas

The Marimba is a percussion instrument with its roots in Africa.


The Mini Marimba is a 1.5 octave instrument constructed from timber.


The main body of the instrument, or box section, not only works as a resonator, but also as a storage area for the keys, which can be removed from the top of the playing area and packed into the box.  By then securing the lid to the box, the instrument becomes portable.  It is compact, can be carried easily and set up anywhere.


This instrument is perfect for the young or young at heart.  It’s sturdy and not easily damaged.  It’s ideal for improving co-ordination and developing a basic understanding of music.  Each key is clearly stamped with the corresponding note.


It is similar to a xylophone but, being made from timber, is more melodic and gentler on the ears.


Each instrument is hand crafted, tuned and polished, with gratitude for the tree from which the timber came and with love and dedication to creating a unique musical instrument that will bring joy to your life.